5 pcs Female 3 Layer Blade Safety Razor for Shaving

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Being a woman is more than just the glitz and the glamour. As a fun, as it looks, being one, can be ridiculously tough at certain times! Just think about it: finding the perfect shade of lipstick, dressing up nicely, and staying well-grommed are just a few of a woman’s day-to-day dilemma. All those…and insert the thought of shaving and keeping certain body parts hair-free!. And while all women love to shop, having to regularly buy new razor blades may be the most unsatisfying shopping experience there is! Trust us, we would know!. But lucky enough for us, safety razors are a thing and they’re not just made for the gentlemen. They are also fit enough to cater to a lady’s needs.


- Each Blade has comfort edge for effortless glide.

- Designed to replace your old, broken razor blades.

- Compatible with US version.

- 3 Layer-Blade Shaving razor for Women.

- Made of high quality material, washable and durable. 

- Safe and easy to use

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Package Included: 
5pcs × Shaving Razor for Women 







Shipping Cost 4.99
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